New publication on town-twinning cooperation

New publication on town-twinning cooperation

The Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic published the publication Current Trends in Twinning Cooperation of Towns and Municipalities

The publication maps out the situation in the town-twinning movement in the Czech Republic. The analysis you will find there shows that this form of international cooperation is very popular among Czech municipalities and towns and that the number of twinning projects realized after 1989 is continuously growing. The second half of the publication lists examples of recently concluded pro­jects, which bring new approaches and methods to this traditional form of cooperation and which may serve as an inspiration for other municipalities and towns.

Our objective was to create a publication that will provide Czech municipalities, towns, elected and non-elected representatives responsible for twin­ning cooperation in their municipalities, organizations entrusted with twinning activities, enthusiastic citizens involved in those activities and all those interested in the movement, with interesting and new information about the situation and trends in town twinning co-operation in the Czech Republic. The English version of the publication intends to share good practices and knowledge with readers across Europe and world interested in the field of town-twinning,

The publication was created under a project in support of the twinning cooperation of towns and municipalities in collaboration with the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic and the Association of Towns and Communities of the Slovak Republic, with support from the Europe for Citizens Programme.


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